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No time for comms?

We get it. Research, teaching, grant writing and admin take up all of your time, and then some. You know you are missing out on opportunities to showcase your results and expertise where and when it matters. 

Hard to stand out?

Your ideas are your most precious commodity, but making sure others recognize their value can be a challenge. It’s tough to always be clear, concise and convincing when you are speaking to different audiences—from your grant’s reviewers to the children visiting your lab next week.

Not on the radar?

Aside from your responsibility to share your work with the tax payers who fund it, you need to operate a lab or research department. That means attracting prospective partners, students, funders, postdocs… But you never signed up to do PR or employer branding.

Stop doing it
all by yourself


You are hopping from deadline to deadline, never reaching the bottom of your to-do list. So many missed opportunities leave you feeling frustrated.


Outsource your communication to a reliable and knowledgeable partner and leverage your hard work to boost your credibility as an expert in your field.    

Shining our light on

We speak your language

You know visibility is important, but you lack the time, skills and perhaps even the fresh perspective to do it all yourself? Partner up with a science loving research communicator you can trust.

Leveraging social media

If you live in the 21st century and have access to the internet, you are probably using social media already. But you may still be wondering whether it is a good investment of your time to be active on social media professionally, as a researcher, PI, lab or department.

Find out why you should bother!

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