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Make your research stand out

Stand out to funders, prospective students or collaborators. Turn your research proposal into a concise and convincing slide deck and develop engaging evaluation reports that highlight your achievements.

People *will* google you. Don’t leave what they find up to chance or up to others.

Keep your lab or project website up to date with timely content. Reach new and existing students and collaborators, or perhaps even journalists or policy makers, through your social media channels.

Become the go-to
expert in your field

Have your press releases picked up by the right outlets and share your expertise when it matters.

Navigate controversial topics with confidence

New results are always exciting but not all aspects of research are met with applause across the board. Be prepared for difficult conversations and communicate complex topics with the right tone and context to be able to build trust.

Take the public on your scientific journey

Engage members of the public to learn more about your work and your field, as they are both the funders and the beneficiaries of research, sometimes even playing an active role as participants or citizen scientists. Create tailored material for your event, workshop or research recruitment, for teaching or outreach purposes.

How we get things done

Need an impressive website? slide deck? grant application? book? report? white paper? newsletter? blog? brochure? template?

You bring the ideas, we make sure they shine. You may need a ghostwriter to finally get those ideas for a perspective piece out of your head and onto the paper. Or a fresh pair of eyes bringing structure and clarity to the grant proposal pieced together by five different collaborators. 

Perhaps you already have fantastic content but now want to present it in an equally fantastic report, brochure, website or press release, reaching the right audience and triggering the desired effect.

How about help with all of the above?

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on standby who can take action when the need arises? Someone familiar with your work, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time? Who proactively plans new content and formats aligned with your goals and needs?

Basic package

6 h per month
1650 per quarter (excl VAT)
  • Comms support at your fingertips
  • Your website stays up to date
  • Your social channels remain lively
  • Occasional grant, outreach or press

Full package

10 h per month
2500 per quarter (excl VAT)
  • Tailored content strategy
  • Your website and socials stay up to date
  • Regular newsletters, blogs and press
  • Project-specific content creation

Group package

16 h per month
4000 per quarter (excl VAT)
  • Tailored content strategy
  • Your website and socials stay up to date
  • Regular newsletters, blogs and press
  • Write and edit strategic documents

Not sure which package to choose or different needs?

“Liesbeth’s crisp writing style will be appreciated by scientists and the man in the street alike. She’s quick on the uptake, flexible, and respects deadlines. In short: the perfect go-to communications professional.”

Katrina Wright
Communications at VIB

Our services were
helpful for

A focus on story

We helped the researchers of the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology to revamp their lab’s online presence. 

An engaging website with up to date information and engaging visuals helps prospective students, postdocs and collaborators to find their way to the lab, and helps inform the public and press about your team’s contributions to the field.

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