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Navigating tough talks

Animal research, GMOs, vaccines, climate change… Some scientific topics can be sensitive or controversial to talk about, but that makes it even more important to engage.

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An impressive resume and motivation letter

Join this *free* breakfast session to craft a convincing resume and motivation letter that not only show what you’ve achieved but also reflect your passion for research and how you fit the prospective lab, grant, or organization.

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As scientists we need to engage with our stakeholders, attract talented students and researchers, share our results with the public… Liesbeth helps us do all of this in a professional and timely manner.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Haesler
NERF (KU Leuven, imec & VIB)

“Liesbeth’s crisp writing style will be appreciated by scientists and the man in the street alike. She’s quick on the uptake, flexible, and respects deadlines. In short: the perfect go-to communications professional.”

Katrina Wright
Communications at VIB

With her writing skills and enthousiasm for our modelling work, Liesbeth was able to bring a fresh perspective that helped us to tell the story of our scientific journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. dr. Niel Hens
UHasselt and UAntwerp

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