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We operate in a unique niche, combining a background in academic research with years of experience in science communication and public relations.


We believe research is a team effort and science is for everyone. That is why we value collaboration, transparency and accessibility. We put accuracy front and center and will not oversimplify or misrepresent your work.

Culture fit

We know what it takes to get a good paper published. We understand your challenges and your time and resource constraints. We also understand what funders, reviewers or prospective students or collaborators look for as we’ve been there ourselves.


We are already fans of what you do. Enthusiasm is contagious. Our love for science is our greatest asset.

Trading Pipettes for Pens

Hi, my name is Liesbeth Aerts, a freelance science and research communicator.

I have a background in neuroscience and a broad interest in all things STEM. After completing a PhD and postdoc, I traded my pipette for a pen (okay, laptop) to share stories about science and progress.

From targeted gene-editing to the warp speed development of COVID-19 vaccines, history has shown time and time again how the curiosity and perseverance of numerous scientists help to save lives or in fact the entire planet.

I have no doubt that by sharing the view from my privileged front row seat, I can convince others of the immense value, power and beauty of scientific research.

Why not start with yours?

“Working with Liesbeth is always a pleasure. Her academic background and hands-on experience in science communications make her the perfect ‘extension’ for any communication department in an academic or research environment.”

Katrina Wright
Communications at VIB

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